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Machines in Heaven Film & Game Soundtracks
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   Main Title (Flight of the Navigator)
  Alan Silvestri
   A Haze of Patriotic Fervour
  Tangerine Dream
   Main Theme (Mr Robot)
  Mac Quayle
   Blueprint for a Slow Machine (No Man's Sky)
  65 Days Of Static
  White Label
   Blood Simple
  Carter Burwell
  Varese Sarabande
   The Dead Suite (Day of the Dead 1985)
  John Harrison
   Icarus (Deus Ex: Human Revolution)
  Michael McCann
  Primal Scream
   Hong Kong Theme (Hitman: Contracts)
  Jesper Kyd
  La La Land
   Intriguing Possibilities
  Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
  The Null Corporation
   Miami (Hotline Miami)
  Jasper Byrne
   Suicide Mission (Mass Effect 2)
  Jack Wall
   Hungry Face
  Rock Action
   Scorpio's Theme (Dirty Harry)
  Lalo Schifrin
   Summer Overture (Requiem for a Dream)
  Clint Mansell
   El Cargo (Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory)
  Amon Tobin
  Ninja Tune
   On The Nature Of Daylight
  Max Richter
   Trailer Theme (Dead Island)
  Giles Lamb
  Deluge & Guitary
   Angela (Theme from Taxi)
  Bob James
   Assault on Precinct 13 (Main Title)
  John Carpenter
  Death Waltz Recording Company
   Moochie Mix Four (Christine)
  Alan Howarth // John Carpenter
  Varese Sarabande
   Happy Flight (Neverending Story)
  Klaus Doldinger
   Together in Electric Dreams
  Giorgio Moroder With Philip Oakey
   Once Upon A Time In The West
  Ennio Morricone
   Mines (Nidhogg)
   The Thing
  Gareth Williams
  Silva Screen
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