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Hooray For Tuesday
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   The Rat
  The Walkmen
  Record Collection
   Brand New Game
  Elliott Smith
   Too Hot to Move, Too Hot to Think
  The Triffids
   Original Love
  The Feelies
   Big Dipper
  Built to Spill
   Death is Not the End
  David Foster Wallace
   100 Whales
  An Horse
  Mom and Pop
   The Greys (demo)
  Frightened Rabbit
  Fat Cat
   Young Offenders
  Life Without Buildings
   Service Station
  Darren Hanlon
  Flippin Yeah
   Good Stuff
   Rattle My Cage
  The Primitives
  Fortuna Pop
   German Farmhouse (acoustic)
  The Go-Betweens
   Codes and Keys
  Death Cab For Cutie
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