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Hook Me Up
electro // dubstep // drumandbass // breakbeat // fidgit

Tim James & Hennessy bring you all the best tunes straight from the dance floor. Exposing the underground clubbing scene with new tracks, remixes and live sets from local DJ's // Producers, we bring you only the coolest tracks from our record boxes. With interviews, a clubber's guide and our very own live mash-up we'll keep you up to date with the latest club action!

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Hennessy Returns!!!
22/05/2009 // Hennessy Returns!!!

Ok. So its been a few weeks since Hennessy was on Hook Me Up and Tim has had to do quite a lot of solo presenting! So now its the turn of Hennessy. Exams over, Hennessy returns with a jam packed hour of heavy bass and banging tunes that will get you right in the mood for your summer holidays.

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