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Heartbreak Beat
goth // newwave // italo // synth // offbeat

A show dedicated to interesting sounds, new and old, from the world of dark music, with a bit of a disco twist.
Forgotten new wave gems, goth b-sides, Italian spacesynths, disco tracks about bees, and general oddities from over 30 years of music by people who spent too much money on hairspray and eyeliner.
Expect the sort of songs you would hear in the first half hour of the night, when the DJs are setting the mood, and the cider and black is only just kicking in, between chatting about where the artists are now, which records you can't find for love nor money, whether they would win in a fight against Morrissey...

Presented by DJ Catnip of Glasgow goth collective Danse Macabre, plus friends.

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show #63: you never danced with me
09/03/2019 // All Of Us Are One Radio Station

With the studio lights firmly turned to "OFF", and a bottle of the cheapest ale we can find, Heartbreak Beat is back to warm you up and knock you down for another weekend of goth-and-related tunes.

Commiserations may be sent to Subcity Radio, G12.

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