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International Women's Day
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   Sunday Night
  Markus Kliesch
  White Label
We have a wee quiz to introduce our show: http://antipattern.net/weblog/how-can-this-be
   Past in Present
   The Words That Maketh Murder
  PJ Harvey
   Beyond Reason
  Phil Selway
  Bella union
The book recommendation is for Fine, Cornelia (2010). Delusions of Gender: The Real Science Behind Sex Differences. London, UK: Icon. - an in-depth criticism of biological approaches to explain gender differences in behaviour.
   Little Lion Man
  Mumford & Sons
   Cry, Cry
  Mazzy Star
   Old Age
  13 and God
  Alien Transistor
   Out in the Open (The Notwist Remix)
  Themselves // The Notwist
   Thank God for Beatniks
  3 Shades
  Alien Transistor
   Women to Control
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