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electronica // postrock // debate // gypsy // continental

Headlights stands for both fine music as well as fine debates. Headlights, that is Indra and Christian, will speak to brightest heads of Glasgow University and beyond to talk about politics and philosophy, accompanied by selected tunes fitting the topic. We will look at both contemporary issues as well as taking a glimpse into the classical debates of moral philosophy. You can join in by sending questions, comments and suggestions to [email protected]

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Headlights: ...in which we improve your memory.
18/01/2011 // Memory & Music

Listening to today's Headlights Indra and Christian will improve your memory. We're talking about the Mozart effect and how classical music improves your memory. Or does it really?.

A Moozart effect was also observed in cows.

Indra also notes that classical music is everywhere even, in modern pop songs. Check it out yourself!

Oh, and here's a Techno Pachalbel.

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