Episode 1: Worst Chips Ever is DEAD!!!
The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour
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  Keith Fullerton Whitman
  Editions Mego
   Stations Vi i
  Akos Rozmann
  Ideologic Organ
  Andrea Naumann // Bonnie Jones
   Tipsy Dance
   Industry And Empire
  Forward Strategy Group
  Perc Trax
   Is It Gone
  Cooly G
   Lagoon Leisure
  Planet Mu
   Drei Schneewalzer
  Atom TM
   SillagesTuti 2 Aigu
  Guy Reibel
  Editions Mego
   Rig Of Bone
  Yek Koo
   Shire Ru (Toiukoto)
   I'm A Man
  Key & Cleary
  Chocolate Industries
   Wishful Wishful Wanton
  Line Segments
   Les Anarchistes
  Leo Ferre
  EPM Musique
   Bags For Life
  Beauty Pageant
  Exotic Pylon
   Tomorrows Story
  Richard Youngs // Andrew Paine
  Sonic Oyster
   Hongong Konong Thaim
  Thonghuad Faited
   Langton St
  Radiant Husk
   90 Years
  Local Action
   Dromily Vale
  Public Information
  The Gasman
  Believer's Roast
   Gunman With Silencer
  Vatican Shadow
  Blackest Ever Black
   Basant Khyal Jalad: Phagava Brija Dekhana Ko Chalo
  Ustad Abdul Karim Khan
   Track 2 (Promo Copy, No Tracklisting)
  Ninni Morgia // Marcello Magliocchi
  Solar Ipse Audio House
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