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The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour
underground // experimental // diy // psyche // outsidermusic

Hand Loom Lament is a digital micro-label and D.I.Y radio show run by Ship Canal. Dissociated echo phantasies and budget dole noise for no one in particular. Broadcasting fortnightly every other Friday at 1PM. Experimental. Underground. Lo-Fi. Electronics. Bass. Free. Noise. Psyche. Outsider. D.I.Y. Shit from countries you've never been to. Library. Sound Art. Alcohol. Free Communism.

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Episode 2: A Belly Full Of Whiskey
03/08/2012 // Episode 2: A Belly Full Of Whiskey

Hang your favourite photos on those little underwear hangers.

Use the tray from a chocolate box to make fun-shaped ice cubes.

My Granddaughter was going to a fancy dress party and wanted some glittery shoes. I spray painted her crocs gold and she LOVES them.

After one of the straps broke on my favourite bag I didn't want to throw it away, so I cut off the other strap and now use it as a cool clutch bag.

If you haven't got anything to give to charity this time round, use the collection bags to protect clothes.

If the spirit doesn't move you, then scoop up your shnozz-pipe and move to the nearest workingmens club, whereupon a close-to-the-bone cabaret turn will be provided by Nick Edwards, Time Attendant, Helm, Suzuki Junzo, Frank Randle, Austerity Britain and Vainio/Drumm/Doner/Capece, amongst other genial yet unquestionably rough-hewn commoners.

A limited amount of bar snacks will be provided while supplies last. Things could get a little "blue".

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