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The Hammy & Jenko Show
comedy // hiphop // rnb // rockindie // bluessoul

Join Hammy and Jenko as they take a look at life, highlight its biggest insecurities and then keep bringing them up in front of people until it cries like a wee lassie. Actually, we just have a bit of a laugh, make fun of people, interview folk, make stupid phonecalls, and play the occasional tune. It may be pish - but it's pish you can't live without.

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Music Special - ThatDrummer ThatDJ
10/05/2011 // Music Special - ThatDrummerThatDJ

With Hammy absent, this week Jenko and Nick are joined by drummer Ryan Hassan and DJ Big Al, who together form ThatDrummer ThatDJ. Formed in 2009 with the aim of creating a completely unique new type of musical act the duo have developed and refined their show since then into an explosive live experience that re-interprets some of the biggest, most popular and best loved tunes across all musical genres. The pair talk about their unique live act, mixtapes, recent gigs and upcoming events. We also talk "riders", asking the guys what their backstage demands are when performing a gig, and what else they might demand should super-stardom await them.

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