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Guns of Bristol
triphop // downtempo // chillout // instrumentalhiphop // nujazz

The average speed of a bullet is 336m/s. At this speed, once the Guns of Bristol shoot, you enter a state of clinical death. Once a week, imagine you disappear from the surface of the Earth following the White Rabbit in the rhythm of downtempo and chill out for an hour. Trip-hop spread like mushrooms after the rain creating unique local scenes. It's exactly these mushrooms that the Guns of Bristol explores. Swim in the lake of low and slow frequencies. It's our attempt to introduce rainy Glasgow to teardrops of trip-hop.

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The End Of A Fairy Tale

I am really sorry to inform that Guns Of Bristol won't be broadcasting this semester. The amount of workload in University doesn't make it possible to run a good quality radio show and 'Guns Of Bristol' should never go worse. Only better. That's why I decided to take a break and come back in a time that will allow me to dedicate as much heart and time to this project as both Guns Of Bristol and you, dear listeners, deserve.

It's been a wonderful adventure to show you all these amazing tunes. You've heard all my voice, trembling, hesitations and fuck ups, but also the laughter and fascination with music. After almost a year I am convinced Guns Of Bristol was worth all these sleepless nights, because I had a chance to share these aural sensations with those who appreciated it. Hopefully, some time in a broad future Guns Of Bristol will come back to broadcast. Meanwhile, in my attempts to push the domino block, I hope I wobbled at least some of them and made you interested in trip-hop. Good luck with new musical discoveries and thanks for listening.

Katarzyna Terek

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