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Group Show is an art and music chat show featuring a new guest every month. Guests are mostly artists, producers, curators, musicians and performers based in Glasgow, and each show includes conversation about practice and interests with the guest's favourite tracks played in between. Group Show was originally a podcast commissioned first by 12o collective in London in 2017, and then for a second series by The NewBridge Project, Newcastle/Gateshead in 2019. It featured interviews, sound work and music with artists from across the UK with particular focus on artist-led activity and early career artists. Series One and Two are available to download on iTunes and Spotify. Group Show is presented by Caitlin Merrett King, a Glasgow based artist and curator - caitlinmerrettking.co.uk

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   14:00 - 15:00
   Mon, 01/02/2021
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Group Show w/ Saoirse Wall
07/12/2020 // Group Show w/ Saoirse Wall

Hello! This month I went OUTSIDE (!) for a very crisp and sunny walk around Queen's Park in Glasgow's southside with Saoirse Wall! We chatted about their recent work 'The Leaf and The Saviour Guy' which is part of TULCA Festival of Visual Art in Galway, Ireland, and their use of the fable as a means for contemporary storytelling and restorative justice. They also chat about dancing on instagram as practice, captioning and audio description, and how YouTube aesthetics of ASMR, wet look and first person point of view feature within their work. They also speak about their recent introduction to Reggaeton, their current favourite songs and their Spotify Unwrapped 2020! There's also readings of a fable from 'The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions', some excerpts from 'What do you choreograph at the end of the world?' by Michael Klein and Steve Valk, and a quote from Adrienne Marie Brown's fantastic book, 'Emergent Strategy'. Saoirse's exhibition for TULCA opens this Friday but check out the podcast version at the link below ;) Enjoy!


Things we chatted about:

Listen to The Leaf and The Saviour Guy podcast for TULCA here: https://www.tulca.ie/podcasts-2020

Watch Saoirse's video 'Welcome to the Lake': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxfqsqkV3-4

Their Reggaeton mix and chat with their sister on DJ Egg's show 'On Toast' on Dublin Digital Radio is here: https://www.mixcloud.com/DublinDigitalRadio/on-toast-w-dj-egg-20-11-20-1400-1600/

You can read the transcript of the texts that Saoirse reads at the end of the show here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MqqMlEVtCKbCITA5BgvoXF9RMriBswGwFT-dhLtKq7I/edit

Read The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions by Larry Mitchell and illustrated by Ned Asta here: http://future-lives.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/FaggotsAndFriends.pdf

Read What do you choreograph at the end of the world? by Michael Klein and Steve Valk here: http://www.michaelklien.com/resource/download/zodiak-article.pdf

Saoirse's website is here: http://www.saoirsewall.com/


Saoirse Wall is an Irish artist working with moving-image and performance to articulate experiences that lack representation in social narratives of gender, health, and the body. In their work, scale, immersive sound, and suggestive gestures are manipulated to disrupt and discomfort. Their work has recently been screened and exhibited with AEMI, LUX Scotland, Platform Arts Belfast and Hotel Maria Kapel (NL). From 2018-2019 they participated in School of the Damned, a UK-based, peer-led alternative art school. In 2014 their film 'Gesture 2' was shortlisted for the inaugural Hennessy Portrait Prize and subsequently became the first moving-image work to be purchased for the National Gallery of Ireland Collection. They are a 2020 recipient of the Irish Arts Council Next Generation Award.

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