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Gran is here and Gran is in your ears! Hosts Greg, Craig and Dan will try and control Gran as she offers opinions on anything and everything! We'll bring you a fine blend of top quality tunes with rib-tickling banter! Games, guests and gags galore as the boys present a mix of off the cuff humour and hilarious skits. Guests will pop in for some laughs, games and challenges, and there will be plenty of opportunity for some audience participation as well! So come on in and have some fun with Gran!

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Ally finds us some jiggling balls!
27/04/2009 // Unnamed Episode

In what started out as an innocent show with guest presenter Richie, Grantastic soon spiralled into a five man love fest where Chiz told us all about his x-rated sausage supper, Tom gave Rachel the tingles and Ally came back proudly holding his balls and wand (ok a book that has wands in it, but that doesn't sound nearly as good).

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