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Gold Standard / Gold Radio
hiphop // rnb // rap // hiphopsoul // urbancontemporary

Scotland's number one show for urban music. 24 Karat quality. 100% Gold.

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Gold Standard Vol. III: Mustard on the beat, hoe!
11/06/2016 // Gold Standard Vol. III: Mustard on the beat, hoe!

For the third installment of Gold Standard Radio, we present to you a timeline of one of the most popular producers currently in the rap game - and popular music as a whole. From starting as an underground mixtape DJ in Compton making hood anthems, to producing chart-toppers for Chris Brown, Kanye West and Rihanna, his infectious Hyphy and West Coast influenced sound is instantly recognisable.

You'll have heard his commercial hits, but Gold Standard are going to bring you the full spectrum of Dijon 'DJ Mustard' McFarlane's work from 9pm until 11pm this Saturday.

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