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Glasjaw and IrnBrute
hiphop // electronic // eclectic // glasgowmusic // interview

It all started with a burning drunken desire to interview the legendary father of their very own Glasjaw (otherwise known as Ben) live on air, desert island disk style. From there, along with his loyal sidekick IrnBrute (otherwise known as Eleanor), they formed a plan : Exploit Glasgow's famous musical heritage in a brand new show which interviews one Glaswegian every week, exploring the music they love and how they get their musical fix in the capital of culture. In between, your hosts will fill you in on the sounds they've been listening to this week, bringing in their top vinyl find and keeping their finger on the pulse of the thriving live music scene in Glasgow; along with a good dose of hilarity, banter and Bobby Womack.

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The moral corruption episode
29/03/2013 // The moral corruption episode

This week we battle inconsistent sound and extreme tiredness to sit in the studio and listen to our prerecorded show... We welcome Alasdair Wood to provide some probing analysis into the music which has shaped his nothing less than melodramatic life, featuring such highlights as intimate moments with the affable Benjamin Kay and numerous stories, treats and classical choones, including debating the advantages of scaring of aliens off with examples of moral corruption and the joys of half chickens...

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