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5. 7"s Of Pure Pleasure
GK Machine's Synthetic Soul Show
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   Bonanza Ska
  Carlos Malcolm & The Afro Caribs
   The Blue Wrath
  I Monster
  Instant Karma
   Rubber Biscuit
  The Chips
   Hot Spot
  Don Air
   The Clapping Song
  Shirley Ellis
   The Selecter
  The Selecter
  Two Tone
   Wearing Thin
  Ultimate Dilemma
   Cajas Sin Ahorros
  Strand & The Banksters
   You're The Best Find
  The Stuntmen
  Tummy Touch
   Tippy Tippy Toe
  Tummy Touch
   First Base Bossa
  Tim 'Lone' Lee
  Tummy Touch
   Fractal Flow
  The Silver Apples
  King Honey
  Make Mine
   Don't Turn It Off
  Hot Chocolate
   Deloris Is Back With Jerome & His Band
  Deloris Ealy
   One Trick Pony
  Fujiya & Miyagi
   The Get Go
  New Young Pony Club
   Picnic Boy
  The Residents
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