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To Be Named Retrospectively (TBNR)
Ghosts in the Machine
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  Queens of the Stone Age
//04m 40s// Intro- bringing back the moment, Football chat, News irritation, Football chat (not for much longer), New album- listen to a song from it now, bitch!...
   Can't Let It Go
  Strong Arm Steady // Blaqthoven
   Idiot's Rule
  Jane's Addiction
  Warner Bros.
//14.50// "In Searsh of Shoney Jackshon", "Hello, I'm Awesome" t-shirt, Contact us, Rubbish eating food bars- 50p!, 2 song Davison.
   Love is a Fire
  Genya Raven
//24.30// Catmate, The sound of the children that sing- leading to Dave singing an impression of the children, Alphabeat- tree
  World Village
   Girlfriend is Better
  Talking Heads
//36.00// Juan Davizes reports- on Northern banter over the EU: people will promise you things, Loving the craic.
   N.Y. State of Mind
//51.55// Blood, Lloyd Fernando storytells- 'His One Mistake', Hearting?, Break next week- back in two.
   I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire
  The Ink Spots
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