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Juan and the Chocolate Factory
Ghosts in the Machine
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//04.10mins// Intro, Making a reference, Tribute to the late Leslie Nielson.
   What's a Girl to Do
  Bat For Lashes
   Damaged Goods
  Gang Of Four
//13.44// Dave distracted, What a hellish week it is/has been, If you fail to like the next track you either have no rythem or no sense of happiness.
  Toumani Diabate
  World Circuit
//20.53// Alphabeat- Jack may email them (the actual band Alphabeat)... may.
   Legal Man
  Belle and Sebastian
   The Lemon Song
  Led Zeppelin
//32.25// Bit of backstage interaction, Excitement ensues as it is time for a Glasgow Suffle.
   Shame for You
  Lily Allen
//37.05// EU "banning" peppermint tea..., Promo: "Paper Mache" for you to check out on subcity.org and "Tabloid Watch" on the world wide web, Evan Wilder- card colour bluey green, The real tribute to Jack's weekend past.
   A Horse With No Name
  Warner Bros.
//53.25// Juan Davizes- Dave reveals him to be a fraudster; will Juan return next week? Juan caught on CCTV, That's it till the next episode folks.
   (Just Like We) Breakdown
  Hot Chip
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