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Ghosts Plus One
Ghosts in the Machine
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   The Concubine
  Ba Da Bing!
   Gone at Last
  Paul Simon
  Warner Bros.
//06.17mins//Belated intro, special guest Luke welcomed to the show.
   Let It Loose
  Rolling Stones
  Rolling Stones
//14.55//What a weekend for the ghosts London and cash... What time is it?- Five Past Sunderland, Dave is not the next Harry Hill.
   Big Takeover
  John Frusciante
   A New
  Little Dragon
//25.38//A New- Luke's 'party license' request, email shoutout, Alphabeat.
   Jingle of a Dog's Collar
  Butthole Surfers
//33.46//Jack's Alphabeat choice, Don't push the button.
   Just a Thought
  Gnarls Barkley
  Warner Bros.
//38.43//Evan Wilder; card colour- pink, Jack goes ape on Evan.
   Know Your Enemy
  Rage Against The Machine
   No Fun
  Team LG
//52.50//Juan Davisez- clearly lost in translation, "Wings are the band the Beatles could of been", that's it till the next episode folks!
   It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
  The Ink Spots
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