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Winterval and Wine (Mulled)
Ghosts in the Machine
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   (Keep Feeling) Fascination
  The Human League
//3.39mins// Intro; party popper n' all, Dave recieves a crucial phone call, Special guest Luke tells a tale with a twist, Here begins the 2hr GITM Christmas performance, Que Paul Robinson...
   Don't it Make You Feel Good
  Stefan Dennis
   The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
  The Flaming Lips
  Warner Bros.
//16.55// Jack party-pops his own gag, Dave takes a stumble over numbers, Luke kills the patter.
   All Around and Away We Go
  Twin Sister
  Infinite Best
//23.50// No to cheese balls; "it's like, it's like!", Prawns are looking good, Christmas Message No.1: Alphabeat; followed by Elfabeef (Roast) which is the Christmas version of Alphabeat .
  Jackson 5
   Jamaica Woman
  Lord Kitchener
  Black Swan
   Virtual Insanity
  Sony Soho Square
//41.50// Evan Wilder almost knocks over the prawns, Christmas Message No.2: Celine Dion, The cheese balls continue to haunt the studio, Beatles vs Wings: The Result... (Plus Hugh wins fan of the year).
   Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
   Eleanor Rigby
  The Beatles
//53.05// Let the confusion begin; welcome Evan Wilder and his father Mr. Wilder, Juan offered Portuguese vests while watching the prawns, Conversation Card- orange, Manbat, Appologies for Mr. Wilder's behaviour.
   Deeper Into Movies
  Yo La Tengo
//1hr 08.11mins// BBC Headlines, Christmas Message No.3: Emma Watson, Mr. Wilder compliments the look of the prawns, Juan Davisez reports: Xmas (Everyone calm down), Columbian's love a practical joke it seems, Christmas Message No.4: Emma Watson (again).
   Cool Out
  King Midas Sound
//01. 24. 43// Juan attempts to leave the show but recieves a promotion instead; only then to do something that can be only be described as heinous, Christmas Message No.5: Gareth Gates.
  Strong Arm Steady // Sick Jacken
  Stones Throw
   New World Water
  Mos Def
//01. 37. 48// Christmas Message No. 6: Mika (you have to love it when he bites his lip), The Wilder's have left the building- Dave tells the tale, Wilder & Vests, Luke impersonates Mr. Wilder, Semi-Legendary is better than Legendary, Classic Christmas...
   Fairytale of New York
  The Pogues
  Pogue Mahone
  Joanna Newsom
  Drag City
   Party Time
//01. 52. 14// That man is Cody Rhodes, "If only people could of seen me suck a horn backwards", A poem from GITM to you because we love you, King of the puns, Dave has the Christmas sweats, Christmas Message No. 7: Butterfield: (check out facebook to see the clip we watched in the studio), and we say goodbye till the new year with a song from Luke's childhood memories- Merry Xmas.
   Auld Lang Syne
  Rollerdisco Orchestra
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