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Ghosts in the Machine
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   Born of Frustration
//04.24mins// Intro, BREAKING NEWS! Christmas Spirit, Dave does not believe in Southampton nor Jack Coventry, Christmas Special next week!
   What Would You Do (If A Shark Started Eating You)?
  Brett Domino
//13.20// Mutual Victory, Next week 2HR Ghosts, Dave has no sense of flavour.
   Nowhere to Run
  Martha Reeves and The Vandellas
   Gray or Blue
//21.50// Warriors rinning a bell, Pig, Alphabeat.
  The Beach Boys
   Roll Up the Red Carpet
  Doll and the Kicks
//30.58// Delicious joke, Them Beatles! Behind the scenes with GITM...
   Pale Septembre
  Bob Marley and The Wailers
//40.34// Motherfunkers, Evan Wilder card colour- ornage (prepare for Evan to overstay his welcome).
   Line in the Sand
//52.35// Now you will always remember where you were when Alan Pardew was confirmed as Newcastle United Manager, Juan Davisez- Bitter after last weeks report, Tune in for 2HR GITM Christmas Special in the next Episode folks! I can here the jingle jangle already...
   Love Removal Machine
  The Cult
  Beggar's Banquet
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