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The boy who cried "Oi! That' my bloody story!"
Ghosts in the Machine
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   I Am a Tree
  Guided By Voices
//04.40mins// Intro- Jack is in the middle of eating, Dave slags off Stewert Lee's taste in musak, I am American, BBC NEWS- slow news day, jack bugged by Dave's 'noise', the following song is best heard at the end of the show.
   Glory Box
  Go! Discs
  The Killers
//18.30// That's not port... "Grey & Keys rule the World"- smash it: find Dick Keys interview on the GITM Facebook page, Dave backtracks over his Assange claims, Banter.
   The Embassy
  Mos Def
//26.35// Greetings! Anticlimatic Alphabeat featuring a tripple C bonus...
   Run Through the Jungle
  Creedence Clearwater Revival
Dave makes false claims that the following was/is Jack's favourite song...
   Charmless Man
//36.50// Classic Dave error there, Dobsons for underage drinking, I am a naughty boy, Juan Davisez reports... from a car. I may have played this song before but I don't care.
  The Strokes
  Rough Trade
   Three is a Crowd
  The Royal We
//49.35// Ridiculous confusion in the studio, Lloyd Fernando "Cry's Wolf", GITM will be back in the next episode- AWESOME!!!
  The Smashing Pumpkins
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