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MP Spotting
Ghosts in the Machine
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  Mos Def
//03.44mins//Intro-Dave attempts to rap, Team & Work= TeamWork
  The Pixies
   Higher Ground
  Stevie Wonder
//13.31//Subcity Halloween Party Ad (more interesting than it sounds), a conversation on conspiracy theories, Jack is made to look like a fool.
   Electric Funeral
  Black Sabbath
//26.07//A retrospective Stevie Wonder dedication for emailer "Hugh". Alphabeat-Dave's ipod goes tits-up briefly.
   Ch-Check it out
  Beastie Boys
   I Know There's an Answer
  The Beach Boys
//36.51// Evan Wilder; something about quavers, coversation card colour 'orange'.
   Rules Don't Stop
  We Are Scientists
//44.37//We prepare ourselves as we attempt to use Dave's ipod...
   Deception Island Optimist Club
  Laura Barrett
  Paper Bag
//49.00//Juan Davizes on MP Spotting, the first "Glasgow Shuffle" of the series.
  Juana Molina
//56.50//Outro (is that a term), Facebook promo, Dave & Jack attempt to plug both Evan and Juan respectively. That's it till the next episode folks!
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