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Ghosts in the Machine
comedy // indie // rocknroll // worldmusic // experimental

The Ghosts in the Machine difficult second series continues. The show is described by critics as "alright for a radio show". Don't miss music's back-catalog being stretched to breaking point in semi-legendry feature Alphabeat plus our two regular special guests: professional storyteller Lloyd Fernando and Columbian maverick general reporter Juan Davizes. And music. *GITM facebook page & occasional contributor Luke Healey's very good podcast are available via the links bottom right*

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12/05/2011 // The Average Hight of this Episode is 5' 6&1/2"

Lord Sugar said of this weeks GITM episode: "If I could hire a radio show to work for me, which I could, then I would consider this one amongst other contestants."

That's right.

Due to an apparent failure to pass the vigerous subcity.org fitness tests Dave cannot make the show and therefore "The Duke" is in to slap some music, and chat, on your chops alongside yours truly. Go on, listen to it then.

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