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Palm Cleaner & The Hallucination
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   Good Times
  Mark E // Dragon
   Easy Does It
   Willie Hutch
   Night Flight
  The Revenge
   Ruby Nights (Gilb-R Remix)
  Rick Wilhite
  Third Ear
   Sore In The Morning But Worth It
  The Phantom Hand Band
   Detroit (Carl Craig C2RMX1)
  Morgan Geist
Feature Start : Two Much Love : Robert Palmer
   Didn't Mean To Turn You On
  Robert Palmer
   Work To Make It Work (The Revenge Edit)
  Robert Palmer
Feature End
   For My City
  Andy Ash
   Plastic People (Deetron Remix)
  Kraak & Smaak // Bobby Nio
Feature Start : High Vaultage : Solid Groove
   Now We Gots 2 Bump
  Solid Groove
Feature End
   Welcome To The Jungle (Todd Terje Edit)
  Guns 'N' Roses
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