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Get In The Van
electronic // glasgowmusic // newmusic // livemusic // acoustic

Get in the van celebrates the vitality and diversity of Glasgow's live music scene. The show's playlist is selected each week from acts who will be playing in the city over the coming fortnight. Whether showcasing emergent bands or playing music by established artists, the emphasis is always on eclecticism and quality, rather than genre, style or fashion.

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SRA Awards

Just a little message to thank everyone who listened to GITV over the past year, the show has been entered into the Specialist Music category at this year's Student Radio Awards, alongside several other Subcity programmes.

you can listen to the entry at http://www.subcity.org/news.php?id=1228

I'm moving to London at the weekend, so will not be doing the show next year. The last year has been a blast, and I wanted to wish everyone at Subcity all the best,

cheers for listening, and for everything else


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