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Get Back To 8-bit
chiptune // nerdology // geek // robots // 8bit

If somewhere in your black heart you pine for folk songs about asteroid-based slave camps at Christmas, whimsical verses exploring the infinite of the cosmos, electro packed lyrics concerning green leather jackets starting the new revolution and rap detailing the musings of taxi drivers in the 25th century? Get Back To 8-bit can solve all these problems. As well as providing the tunes, Gerald (and his sporadic collection of part time co-hosts) will keep you up to date on fandom and geek-worthy news stories from the farthest reaches of the planet to keep your urges satisfied whilst immediately spouting prophetic warnings of the forthcoming robotic revolution and how to properly take down any future threat with the nearest killamajig thereafter.

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Let's Go And Don't Forget The Droids.
10/06/2010 // This Is How We Say Goodbye In Germany, Dr Jones.

For the last Get Back To 8-bit of the broadcast year, the steadfast G-funk and Ciaran Owens of Let's Get Physical will be picking each other's brains over fizzers in the stratosphere, meats of a vending machine, robots and robot killers in a global pissing contest, the other idea James Cameron had to deal with the oil spill and why the best way you can spot an online nonce is targeted at people who can actually spell. To play you out over the course of two hours will be a hefty mix of summer-time surf and chiptune. Surftune if you will. It's tomorrow at the slightly earlier time of 13:00-15:00 because I went and stole Ciaran's slot so One Louder could have their own two hours. You should listen to them too. BE THERE.

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