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techno // house // garage // grime // deephouse

At our core, we both love new and old electronic music and want to share this with anyone and everyone that is interested in joining us explore the breadth and depth of the ever-changing musical landscape, Locally and further afield. We want do do this through our show, nights, guest mixes and interviews with emerging producers as well as shed light on our deep crate digs. Not to mention our witty patter. Another one of our aims is to keep the show authentic with as much vinyl as we can manage and help expand and build up the community around the local glasgow music scene.

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GBS #04 Happy Birthday to Barca [ Ghostek ]
20/07/2012 // GBS #04 Happy Birthday to Barca [ Ghostek ]

Frankie & Felix bringing you a big old broadcast to satisfy your pre party needs with all vinyl sets from Felix & Frankie and an ankle breakin' GBS exclusive guest mix from the elusive wonder that is Ghostek !


All vinyl sets from Frankie & Felix


Guest Mix from Ghostek ( http://soundcloud.com/ghostek/ )


A big shout out and love to our secret agent in Barcelona who left us for a greater cause

Happy Birthday B keep it straight xxx

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