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Funky Junk
Funky Junk
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   Tell Her
  Fred Williams & The Jewels
   The Road Is Rough
  Bobby Thomas
   Mellow Mood
  Bob Marley
  Frida Sonko
   Lipa Kodi Ya City Council
  Isaya Mwinamo
   Egun Dude
  Kamar & Black Diamonds
   I Feel An Urge
  Jo Armstead
   I Walked Away
  Bobby Paris
   Open The Door To Your Heart
  Darrell banks
   Movin' Away
  Kenny Lynch
   Time Marches On
  Lainie Hill
  New Voice
   Too Late
  Larry Williams & Johnny Watson
   Sliced Tomatoes
  Just Brothers
  Music Merchant
   A Girl Like You
  Edwin Collins
   Psychotic Reaction
  Count Five
  Big Beat
   NY Is Killing Me
  Gil Scott-Heron
   Rescue Me
  Fontella Bass
  Aretha Franklin
   Don't Mess With Cupid
  Otis Redding
   Give It Up
  Lee Dorsey
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