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Funky Junk
funk // reggae // motown // northernsoul // rhythmblues

********** **** ********** An eclectic introduction to some of the upbeat and dirty, though often melancholic, soulful and rhythmic grooves from around the world. // Records up-to and beyond New Orleans Delta Blues, Detroit motor-city Motown, 1960's UK Garage Bands, Miami Funk, Latin and African grooves, Dancehall & Rocksteady Reggae, 1930/40's Swing and of course buckets upon buckets of Soul & Northern Soul numbers. // Featuring regular fixtures in the form of '6-Degrees of Separation' and the 'Vintage Vinyl' section, which showcases the occasional recent purchase from local independent record shacks. // Tune in, have a dance, and discover some fantastic tracks and artists. ********** **** **********

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Funky Junk
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Funky Junk
23/06/2012 // Funky Junk

The final episode in the current schedule, and unfortunately the last episode for the foreseeable future.

Things are a movin' on y'see.

It's been a great pleasure being able to play all the records I love for my friends and new listeners alike over the past year and a half. I hope you've enjoyed the tracks as much as I have. However, I'm moving away from Glasgow, and perhaps even going further afield quite soon, so the time has come to make way for some new Funksters to spin.

Enjoy the last show, I'm aiming to cram in as many beautifully melancholic and soulful tracks as I possibly can.

Cheers if you listened in by accident or on purpose, and cheers to all the contributors, co-hosts and people that helped shape the show and make it as enjoyable as it was!

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