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Funkey Dorey
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   Soulful Strut
  Young Holt Unlimited
   Baby Let Me Kiss You
  Fern Kinney
   Ten Percent
  Double Exposure
   The Projects
  Handsome Boy Modelling school
  Warner Bros.
   Universal Mind Control
  Frankie Valli
   I Dont Need Help
  Johnny K Killens
  Numero Group
   Watts Breakaway
  Johnny Otis
   Soul Mate
  Warner Bros.
   Boylife In America
  Codey Chestnut
   You've Made Me So Very Happy
  Alton Ellis
  Soul Jazz
   What Would I Do Without You
  Ray Charles
   Sea Cruise
  Frankie Ford
   Bert's Apple
   One On One
  Prince Phillip
   I'll Keep My Light In My Window
  Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye
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