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Fujoshi Made Me Hardcore
jpop // kpop

Fashion, Technology & Music have in recent historic trends went hand in hand in rampant acceleration and reinvention, the repetition that never truly repeats but simply aims higher and higher for transcendence. But as the Western Pop industries espoused as colonizing profit machines run dry in their ability to hold their monopolies of any form of world market; new schools of pop music, pop culture and subcultures emerge. Korea & Japan far from simply being looked down on upon as mere cheap amusement (Gangnam Style being everything in question), now are at full mast in the midst of their own new wave, their own "hallyu". As this music works it's way through the underground in North American and European art and music culture, this show is in full appreciation for all the incredible, fun and original music that currently makes up the K-pop (가요) & J-pop (ジェイ�ップ) world in 2013. "Break the rules You know what they’re made for The tide is high Let’s move to the dancefloor"

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FMMH05 - (Live at the S.S.L.)
24/07/2014 // (Live at the S.S.L.)

Beamed to the ether, ether to us, me to you.

A thousand collectively empty buckled under stadiums (think Neo-Tokyo Olympic stadium).

Invocation of mutation.

Think persona masks & thyrsos wands saluted to the winds.

Spilt kylixs full of e-numbers.

Let it mutate around you, consume you, what else do you have to cling to?

8pm - 9pm Eternal (Pure Chemognosis 2)

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