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Based On A True Story w. Does Not Affect Play on d
Subcity at The Freshers' Fair
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Does Not Affect Play providing the tunes, with commentary from Based On A True Story
   Easy Diggin'
  The Five Corners Quintet
   Stay Loose
  Jimmy Smith
   Theme De Yoyo
  The Boogoos
  Perfect Toy
   The Caterpillar Crawl
  The Strangers
   The Martian Band
  The Wild Tones
   Cozy and Bossa
  Cozy Cole
   Drums A-Go-Go
  The Hollywood Persuaders
  Original Sound
   Those Young Girls
  Richard MacAdoo
   King Kong
  Big "T" Tyler
   Part III
  The Reveliers
   Who Stole My Bird Dog?
  The Ozarks
   She's Neat
  Dale Wright
   The Freeze
  Tony and Joe
  Sonny Forest
   The Wobble
  The Wobblers
   Limbo Drum Part 1
  Young William and the Jamaicans
   Hot Tamales
  Noble "Thin Man" Watts // his Rhythm Sparks
   El Twisto
  The Peppermint Stiks
  The Snugs
   Toe Hold
  Ellen McIlwaine
   Wanderin' Soul
  Gary Atkinson
  Mickey and his Mice
   The Skin I'm In
  Baby Ray Franklin
   Listen To The Drums
  Richard Caiton
   Try It You'll Like It
  Loyce Cotton
   I Don't Know What The World Is Coming To
  7 Bros
   Rev. Ether, The Power, The Kingdom and the Glory
  1862 B.P.
  Et Cet'er-a
   Between The Lines
  Charlie Whitehead
  Stone Dogg
   Check Your Bucket
  Eddie Bo
   Touch My Soul
  Lack of Afro // Steve Marriott
   King of The Rodeo
  Bamboos // Megan Washington
  Tru Thoughts
  The Snugs
   Who Knows Who?
  Orgone // Fanny Franklin
   Hey Boy
  Kitty Montgomery
   The Push
  Billy Joe Young
   You Got To Be A Man
  Helene Smith
  Phil L.A.
   Do Right Man
  Little Beaver
   Keep On Looking (Kenny Dope Remix)
  Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
   Rock Steady
  Aretha Franklin
   Humpty Dump
  The Vibrettes
   Shake A Hand
  Jeannie Dee
   Pick 'n' Roll
  The Stance Brothers
   The Goose
  The T.S.U. Toronadoes
   Tighten Up
  Archie Bell and the Drells
   Family Man
  Gene Faith
   Shhhhhhhh (For A Little While)
  James Brown
   Soul Brother Party Part 1
  Bobby Williams
   Make It Real (Ride On)
  Betty Adams
  Notes of Gold
   Duck "All Over Town" (Part 1)
  Arlene Williams
   I'd Like To Change Places
  Mitty Collier
   Dirty Old Man
  Irene Reid
  Old Town
   Ow! Boogaloo
  Wayne Logiudice
   Do The Funky Boogaloo Part 1
  Barry Jones
   Mess Up
  The Riverboat Soul Band
   Just A Groove In "G"
  Wilbur Bascomb and the Zodiact
   Stump Grindin'
  Heavy Handed
   Sexy Coffee Pot
  Tony Avalon and the Belairs
   Big Chief
  Professor Longhair
   Soul Meeting
  Ronnie Mitchell
  Hour Glass
   Soul Time
  Jackie Wilson
  The Emperors
   Tell Mama
  Etta James
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