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Forefront looks to showcase established and new talent throughout our city and beyond. Each guest bringing their own style and personality - leaving their mark each time. Check out the previous shows! and look out for the latest ones.. Extensive respect to the listeners as always .

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Erskine w/ OUTFLIGHT & Boiler
24/05/2019 // Unnamed Episode

We back after what can only be described as a belter with the dons Granary 12 on the 10th May.


This time with newly formed trio OUTFLIGHT who have quickly become regulars on the after scene with their fast growing party/brand. Also good pals who we've shared the decks with on countless occasions.

Their bringing local legend QUAIL to said efters real soon! - check their FB for more info.. ➫ facebook.com/outflightglasgow


Boiler will also be joining who recently came close to winning a SOMA remix competition out of over 2000 applicants which speaks for itself.. Expect to hear some quality original material throughout. (!TIP!) ➫ facebook.com/BoilerDJ

7pm - 10pm FRI 24th

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