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Dreaming of sunshine
Folked Off with The Jet Set
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   Walking on Sunshine
  Rockers Revenge // Donnie Calvin
   Can't Get enough of you
  Eddie Grant
   Soul Bossa Nova
  Quincy Jones and his Orchestra
  Herbie Mann
   The Whistler
  Jethro Tull
   Disco Jam
  Funky Town
   Have a Cigar
   Sunny Day
  Pig Bag
   Southern Freeze
  Gay Marvine
  Bath House Etiquette
   Percussion Mix 1
  Bjørn Torske & Siob Latsyrc
  Sex Tags Mania
  Luca Ballerini // Kay Sand
  Wax Jam
   Key West
  Classics From the Warehouse
   Percussion Sundance
  Not On Label
   Test Drive
  Joe Coleman
   Find 'Em, Fool 'Em & Forget 'Em
  Dobie Gray
   Anxiety Into Ecstasy
  Gay Marvine
  Bath House Etiquette
   Chansons D'llegance (Disconet Remix)
   Fichtl's Lied
  Die Woodys
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