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Worst. Show. Ever.
Folked Off with The Jet Set
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   Standing in the rain
  Don Ray
  bo boss
  Il Discotto
   Bea Arthur is ill
  Bea Arthur
  Not On Label
   't Smurfen-lied
  Vader Abraham
   in the air tonight
  Phil Collins
   k-tel exerciser
   Alie van de wegenwacht
  Corrie van Gorp
   Club Tropicana
   too good to be forgotten
   Do the Bart Man
  Bart Simpson
   Fear of a Fucked Up Planet
  Action Swingers
  Primo Scree
   Dracula Goes Dreamy
  Soul Dracula
  Movie Play
   Only One Earth
  Disney's Last WIsh
   Letter From America
  The Proclaimers
   The Way We Were
  Barbara Streisand
   our day will come
   The Pink Bucket Song
  roland rat superstar
   Love Me Tender
  roland rat superstar
   Abends in St Pauli Mit Klaus Bier
  Klaus Bier // seine Musikanten
   There's No On Quite Like Grandma
  St Winfred's School Choir
  Music for Pleasure
   Beat the Bulge with Betsy Barclay
  Betsy Barclay
  Olivia Newton John
   Side by Side
  pinky and perky
   Rhinestone Cowboy
  Glen Campbell
   The Pepsi Generation
  Michael Jackson
  Sold out
   Hypnotic Tango
  Me my
   Carnaval de Paris
  Dario G
   Les Marches de Provence
  Maria De Rossi
   ElBaile de los Pajaritos
  Juan Pradera
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