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Apple Blossom Valentime
Folked Off with The Jet Set
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   Feels Like I'm in Love
  Kelly Marie
  Pye International
   bouncy bouncy
   I need Love
   I need you
  Black Label
   It's A War
   Cream Always Rises to the top
  Gregg Diamond and Bionic Boogie
   Dare Me
  The Pointer Sisters
   P.S. I love you
  Frank Sinatra
   Remember me
  Diana Ross
   I'll be with you in Apple Blossom Times
  The Andrews Sisters
   True Love
  Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly
  Barry Manilow
   Sugar Sugar
  The Archies
   Uptown Girl
  Billy Joel
  CBA Associated Records
   Beir Mir Bist Du Schon
  The Andrews Sisters
  Capitol EMI
   Save Your Kisses for Me
  Brotherhood Of Man
  Pye International
   Stupid Cupid
  Connie Francis
   Take A Chance On Me
   Hot Shot
  Karen Young
   Do It Again
  Easy Going
   Walk The Night
  Skatt Bros
   Sex Dwarf
  Soft Cell
  Some Bizarre
   Save Our Love
  Escape From New York
   Traffic Jam
  White Label
   Chocolate Kisses
  Disco Tex and his Sex-O-Lettes
   We're All Queers Together
  Blue Kangaroo
  Toad-Pit Records
   I believe in a thing called love
  The Darkness
  Must Destroy
   I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat
  Mel Blanc
  Surprise Surprise
   I Will Wait for You
  Connie Francis
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