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The Samisode
Folked Off with The Jet Set
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   Liquid Insects
  Amorphous Androgynous
   She Moves She
  Four Tet
   Dada Ska
  Bozo Explosion
  Master Beat
   My Valuable Hunting Knife
  Guided By Voices
   The Magician
   La Cafetera
  Manolo y Jorge
   Sorry for Laughing
  Josef K
  Rough Trade
   El Resto de mi Vida
  Juniper Moon
  Rough Trade
  The Avalanches
   Congo Daily
  Bozo Explosion
  Master Beat
   Hello Cleveland!
   Big Empty Field (no2)
  Swell Maps
   In Violet
  City Slang
   Male Stripper
  Man 2 Man // Man Parrish
   Super Trooper
   What does your soul look like part 4
  DJ Shadow
   Death in Gaza
  Bozo Explosion
  Master Beat
   Everlasting Bass
  Rodney O
   Why Hip Hop Sucks in '96
  DJ Shadow
   Making Your Mind Up
  Bucks Fizz
   Poor Old Soul
  Orange Juice
   Rock Lobster
  The B-52s
   Oss 118 et le pulpe aux oefs d'or
  minigroove orchestra
  follow me
   Hava Nagila
  Winifred Atwell
   Alabama Song
  The Doors
   Rock Yourself Away
  Locomotiv GT
   No Compassion
  Talking Heads
   Hey Nelly Nelly (Hey Willie Willie)
  Julie Felix
  Petula Clark
   Bye Bye Baby
  Bay City Rollers
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