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The birthday bash!
Folked Off with The Jet Set
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  Geinoh Yamashirogumi
   Smack in the box
  Jimmy The Hoover
   If You Were Here Tonight
  Alexander O'Neal
   Male Stripper
  Man 2 Man // Man Parrish
   Wa pa (Guapa)
  Manolo y Jorge
   You and me
   Singin' in the Rain Part One
  Sheila and B. Devotion
   Lay All Your Love On Me
   C'est La Vie
  Mister Pee-Wee
   Fade Away
  Loz Netto
   Take on Me
  Warner Bros.
   Uptown Girl
  Billy Joel
  Peter Alexander
   Bier geld en vrouwen
  De Marlets
   Kudi? Tudy!
  Karel Zich
   Hold Tight
  The Andrews Sisters
   Nitro Express
  Red Simpson
   we've started courtin
  The Beverly Sisters
   Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  Andy Williams
   If Not For You
  Olivia Newton John
  Pye International
   Cacharpaya (Andes Pumpsa Desi)
  Beggar's Banquet
   Rip It Up
  Orange Juice
   Where Are You Baby?
  Betty Boo
  Rhythm king
   holiday rap
  M.C.Miker"G" & Deejay Sven
   Don Goyo
  las golden sisters
  Wout Steenhuis
   ticha posta
   prisoner of love
  Miami Soundmachine
   butch soap
  Yin and Yan
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