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Folked Off with The Jet Set
eclectic // worldmusic // experimental // deutschegrammophon // charityshop

Jet setting around Glasgow's charity bins, spending as little money as possible in order to provide weird and interesting samples, alpine horn and Senegalese jazz music for senior citizens that get up at the same time as you go to bed. The uni's official Julie Felix fan club. Wurlitzers, light music, surf tones, folk standards, vocal harmonies and pan-American rhythms as described by the best copy advertising budgets could buy. Get folked off with the best of the worst, and worst of the best.

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A Stocking full of Coal
18/12/2018 // Another Christmas, another Folked Off!

You have been very naughty, so all you are getting for Christmas is terrible Folked Off Songs. For Christmas. Let that sink in. Maybe you're better next year, huh? Also our guest turns a year older. We just don't know what year or how much older.


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