-- Sebastian Swarm --
[Flair // Panache]
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   Surface Tension
   Beep Beep Boogie
  Zanzibar Chanel
   Secret Elevator
  Small People // Moomin
   Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  Brian Ring
  Running Back
  Chris // Cosey
21.30-22.30 --- Guest Mix // Sebastian Swarm
   Inner Outer
  Rodion // Mammarella
  Les Disques De La Mort
   Cool Waters
  Fantastic Man
  Super Conscious
   Back Door (Tallmen 785 Remix)
   From White To Red
  L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical Systems)
   Celebrate The Last 30 Years Of Human Ego
  Giant Swam
  The Trilogy Tapes
   Soft Moon
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