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Field Axe
easylistening // spokenword

________________________________________________________________ Imagine if the world seemed far safer behind palm trees, feathers, yearning and grey Cadillacs; anything but closed doors. Imagine believing a lie so sugared, you could'ave lost your job if you didn't mention to that friend of yours how crazy a story someone told you the other day was. Imagine if Johnny Burnette and his Rock and Roll Trio never covered Tiny Bradshaw's 'Train kept a rollin''. Imagine if alcohol was socially acceptable, and cigarettes killed you; Slowly. For an hour, you may escape into a fever-dream. Eye-patched queens straining sledgehammers over the heads & collarbones of small-crotched, wise guys who have no doubt in our minds looked through the wrong essay for a juice drink and chewing gum at this time of night and that was an apartment buzzer; not a coffee dispenser. Spiders will manifest their noir tonk skyfall triggered to the energies of small, outspread business the city you love and the lands you're keen to experience yet, have to sacrifice - uniting for a purpose beyond composition, particularly. Sitting at a table with that kind sandwich of a curiosity; Nobodies dancing tonight any more and you could stay home. Stretch, shower and slip deep into some bourbon tumble roohaw and then, why don't you do this more often, and then, what will your friends assume you're trying to say, but then, why do you even care? It could all be so simple... Or we could cut up our bank cards now before anyone gives too much of a funk. ________________________________________________________________ F I E L D . A X E . F O R T N I G H T L Y . M O N D A Y . X - XI pm . ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

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09/06/2014 // Cooland

When Melinda and Roger see the news of Cooland - their childhood favourite theme park - finally closing it's doors, they decide to take a road trip across the country to visit and enjoy themselves for one last time.

But when they get there, what will they remember being exactly the same? After all those years, memories and excitements what will be the true shame in the recreation never to remain?


Words & narration......................................... K. Koalah

Steel operator............................................... K. Koalah

In attendance: N/A

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