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Fear of Music
hiphop // indie // electro // nufolk // skapunk

My name's Emma and this is going to be me playing some of my favourite songs, and my friend's favourite songs when I make them come and help me present the show. It's going to be MENTAL. I'm hoping to wake people up on Friday mornings by playing songs that I really, really love, and that they hopefully will too.

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It's almost Christmas
11/12/2009 // The Week Phil was ill and Emma was saved by Anna..

which means only one more show before we go home. Phil was ill, and Anna proved her mettle by coming in at the very last minute (I text her at 9.30) and helping me out, so I wasn't just standing in a room by myself. Anyway, it makes for a nice change of tone for the show, and meant that I was allowed to play The Libertines.

Anyway normal service shall resume next week, so even if you'll already have left Glasgow by then listen in anyway. Ta! Emma.

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