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Falling out of obscurity
punk // noise // independent // diy // twee

A home for Independent, Diy and Punk records. If it's the twee murmurings of 80's Jangle-pop your looking for or the murky distortion of some lost shoe-gaze. Maybe lo-fidelity cassettes produced by solitary outsider musicians? Then tune in every other Saturday at 10PM to hear some beautiful yet probably pretty fuzzy records. ...You could probably do worse.

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Static motions
16/09/2016 // Static motions and celestial commotions

A 2 hour special episode of falling out of obscurity, It's freshers week and for a treat we will be having even more 7" gems, crackly found cassettes and rare DIY melodies no one cares about or has even heard of.

Join Us for the subcity 24/7 Freshers broadcast, and have your ears caressed and possibly impaired by the finest audio indulgences hand picked from independent music scenes the world over.

Expect a whole lot of punk, noise, diy-pop and whatever else the fiddles we feel like playing

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