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Fairweather Friends and Friends #2
Fairweather Friends and Friends
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   Get It Right Next Time
  Gerry Rafferty
   Sound and Vision
  David Bowie
   D. C. B. A.-25
  Jefferson Airplane
   On the Line
  Graham Nash
  Rhino Atlantic
   The Hum
  Margo Guryan
  Oglio Entertainment
   To Live Is To Fly
  Townes Van Zandt
  Bob Dylan
   It's My House
  Diana Ross
   California Soul
  Marlena Shaw
   Gorof (Elixir)
  Dur-Dur Band
   What a Fool Believes
  The Doobie Brothers
  Rhino / Warner Bros
   You Make Loving Fun
  Fleetwood Mac
  Rhino / Warner Bros
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