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Faceevents is a topical talk show, placing itself at the centre of current political and social debates. Globalisation is a central theme, spanning issues of migration, ecology, nuclear power, war and so on. Each event would be presented in collaboration with a local organisation, charity or NGO. Debate about media, including political and social media. Firstly, bringing small media associations together to explain to the audience what matters politically. We'll aim to expose the truth, speaking with people internationally who are effected by events. Music will accompany the debates on the show. Discussion would be in the form of live studio debates, telephone calls or pre-recorded interviews. There would often be two or three guests on the show. Salim has built a network of people who are speaking about issues in the UK and abroad, the show will be a way to engage, challenge and solidify these networks. In the past Salim extended this network through a radio show he organised and presented on Sunny Govan Radio called 'Smashing Dishes'.

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On the Go Home Campaign
26/11/2013 // Go Home Campaign

Today's show focuses on the Home Office's 'Go Home' campaign.

In addition to our three hosts Salim Saleh, Matilda Tonkin-Wells and Liam Casey, we are joined by Jock Morris from the Campaign to Welcome Refugees. Also on the phone lines we have Pinar Capulcu and Margret Sweeney.

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