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THE BIG 40 (The 40th Show)
El Rancho
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   King Kong Song
   Bootcut Jimmy The G
  Hooton Tennis Club
   How To Recognise A Piece Of Art
  Meilyr Jones
  Moshi Moshi
   Fade Away
   Game With No Rules
  Donovan Quinn
  Soft Abuse
   Some Sunsick Day
  Morgan Delt
  Sub Pop
   Rough Going (I Won't Let Up)
  Hamilton Leithhauser + Rostam
  Glassnote Entertainment
  Roxy Music
   Outdoor Miner
   God's Cop
  Happy Mondays
   Fig In Leather
  Devendra Banhart
   Wish I Had Not Said That
  J J Cale
   The Juggler
   Off The Hook
  The Rolling Stones
   Up The Bracket
  The Libertines
  Rough Trade
   About A Girl
  Sub Pop
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