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Sweet Sixteen
El Rancho
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   Oh Well, Part 1
  Fleetwood Mac
   Observatory Crest
  Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
   Waterfall Paresol
  The Butterscotch Cathedral
  Trouble In Mind
   New Harmony
  Alex Calder
  Captured Tracks
   Metronome River
  Spinning Coin
   Naked Rich
   Denis and Lois
  Happy Mondays
   The Town
  Harry Nilsson
  Light In The attic
   Me and My Arow
  Harry Nilsson
  Light In The attic
   Witchi Tai To
  Harpers Bizarre
  Seven Arts Records
  Natural Child
   Pass On Through
  Gun Outfit
  Paradise of Bachelors
   I'll Be Your Lover
  Lee Robinson Machine
  Light In The attic
   Casting My Spell
  Johnny Otis
  Benny Joy
  White Label
   The Girl With the Far Away Eyes
  The Rolling Stones
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