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Staring At The Sun (ep 31)
El Rancho
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   Hello Sunshine
  Relatively Clean Rivers
  Pacific Is
   Let Me Try
  Mild High Club
  Stones Throw
   The Last Time
  Andrew Oldham Orchestra
  Boom Selection
   The Old Man's Back Again
  Scott Walker
   Sweet Maria
  The Shaggs
  Light In The attic
   Happy To Be Here
  Michael Gately
   I Know I'm Not Wrong
  Fleetwood Mac
  Warner Bros.
   The Whole Wide World
  Wreckless Eric
   Come Dancing
  The Kinks
   I Saw The Light
  Todd Rundgren
   After Midnight
  J J Cale
   Khala My Friend
  Shadoks Music
  Psychic Ills
  Sacred Bones
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