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lean, green & fourteen
El Rancho
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   Feed Me Good
  Antonio de Santa Cruz
   Blue Morning
  Sunbeam Records
   Get It Right Next Time
  Gerry Rafferty
  United Artist
   Sneakin' Sally Through The Ally
  Robert Palmer
   Good News Shoes
  Barry McGuire
  Sparrow Records
   Going Down With A Hi
  Charles Howl
  Ample Play
   Runnin' Away
  Sly and the Family Stone
   The Rocker
  Thin Lizzy
   Jak D'or
  Episode 6
  Chapter One
   Don't Climb Nobody Else's Ladder
  The Electric Toilet
   Puff (Up In Smoke)
  Kenny Lynch
   Keep On Keeping On
  Nolan porter
   Bad Timing
   Wolves Don'y Live By The Rules
  Willie Thrasher
  Light In The attic
   Odette YEAH!
  Jnr & DW
  El Rancho
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