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Go With What You Got (#36)
El Rancho
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   What Does It Take
  Tony Joe White
  Warner Bros.
   Fair Game
  Crosby, Stills & Nash
   Do You Finally Need A Friend
  Terry Callier
   Another Change
  Psychic Ills
  Sacred Bones
   Palm Springs
  Social Climbers
  Drag City
   Airport Lights
  Olde English Spelling Bee
   Kaleidoscope View
   Dirty Headlines
  Royal Trux
   Slow Walkin' Talk
  Robert Wyatt
  Topaz Rags
  Not Not Fun Records
   Psychic Mesa
  Total Slacker
  Marshall Teller Records
   Lost My Way
  UV Race
  In the Red
   Nite Lite
  The woolen Men
   K To Be Lost
  Guided Missile
   Super man, Super cool
  Jacky Chalard
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